Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

Circo Massimo Entertainment (CME) comes from over a decade of experience in Audio/Visual and Production solutions for the demanding events community in Miami, FL. CME started to provide LED walls rental solutions at the end of 2015 to its corporate clients as a higher end and more creative alternative to traditional projection methods. After researching the market, CME decided to partner up with QST LED to manufacture and resell custom orders to distributors and end clients.


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LED WALLS are essentially an extended scaled version of your computer screen. The LED WALL is made of a series of panels (usually 50cm X 50cm or 20”x20” each) that can be connected to one another and built to the desired size and shape, giving you the utmost flexibility and freedom.
Creativity is prioritized giving limitless opportunities to impress any audience from a small meeting room to the most visionary concert stage or trade show booth.

We offer LED products in several configurations customizable to your application. 

Being able to identify the type of panels needed is key to optimize the investment in terms of both tech specs and pricing.  The simplest way to start identifying what type of product you may need is by understanding the following LED Matrix and applying it to your own project

TYPE 1 panels typically  feature a pretty high resolution (P4, P3), built in a sturdy chassis that is impact and scratch resistant, mainly rented out by A/V companies to corporate clients or event organizers to create large displays and sceneries for Conferences, Trade Shows, Gala Dinners and similar.

TYPE 2 panels typically feature a pretty high resolution as well (P4, P2), depending on the position of the display; the closer they are to passers-by, the higher the resolution will need to be, and vice-versa. Usually built in a lightweight chassis, they are the go-to solution for any indoor applications that brings advertising or informative visuals. Very common among Airports, Train Stations, Ports, Cruiselines, Malls, Retail Stores, Cinemas and Educational Institutions.

TYPE 3 panels are also touring panels, therefore built to resist impact and scratches due to intensive labor and transportation as they’re heavily used especially in Concerts and any other type of Outdoor Shows. The resolutions used can vary from P8 to the most common P3 but the major differences are in the brightness (Type 3 walls need to feature higher NITS to contrast the sunlight) and in weather treatment rating to withstand heat, humidity and especially rain.

TYPE 4 panels are outdoor LED walls for permanent installations, featuring lower resolutions (P16, P20), high contrast ratio and brightness (higher NITS needed to contrast the sunlight), they’re also weather protected to work under challenging conditions like heat, humidity and especially rain. They’re usually enclosed in a lightweight aluminum chassis and they are FRONT SERVICEABLE making them a perfect choice for Outdoor Billboards, Sports Stadiums and Road Signage.